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On 27 May 2008, The "Digital Life News" of the Straits Times, the dominant news media of Singapore, carried out an unsual test to see if data can still be recovered from hard disks inflicted with damages to the most severe level. To simulate beyond the real-life situations of impact, knock and fall, the hard disks are subjected to incredible "tortue" and mistreat so as to push the test to the maximum limit.

Test 1: A 2.5 inch external hard disk was randomly thrown down a flight of stairs three times, On the fourth time, the disk was simply kicked down the stairs mercilessly to ensure that it was completely dead.
Test 2: A 2.5 inch external hard disk was ghastly run over by a 1,700-kg Toyota Estima multi-purpose vehicle twice, forward and backward. To increase the damage induced, the disk was then hammered seven times against an uneven granite floor.

After such "cruelty" was done to the poor disks, three data recovery specialists were then asked to do their best to recover any data inside the disks.. One of the specialist refused participation, leaving behind only two contestants, ADRC and Kroll Ontrack. At the end of the exercise, the results were published as below :

Adroit Data Recovery Centre
Kroll Ontrack Singapore
X Recovery Company
Test 1 100% of data recovered in less than 2 hours 0% of data recovered after a few days Refuse participation
Test 2 100% of data recovered in less than 2 hours 76% of data recovered after a few days Refuse participation


Exacted Quotes from Digital Life, The Straits Times, 27 May 2008

.....The external drive that was rolled over by the Toyota Estima and then hammered sustained read-write damage. The actuator arm and the reading head was twisted and badly misaligned. The spinde motor was slightly squashed.. The first thing Adroit did......

......At the Adroit Labs, an incredible thing happened. Recovery for both hard drives was 100 per cent successful and it was done in less than two hours.....

.....Over at kroll Ontrack, results weren't that bright. Data in the drive that was thrown and kicked down the stairs was not recoverable at all. Kroll said the damage was simply too great.....

.....The drive ran over by the car and hammered, on the other hand, had a better recovery. Kroll's engineers were able to get back 66 out of 87 files....