Forensic Computer Investigation Services

Forensic Investigation Services

"Whether you are looking for evidence in a law suit, or determining exactly what an employee has been up to, we are equipped to find and interpret the clues that have been left behind the computers".

Let the evidence speaks !

Computer Forensic

What is Computer Forensic Investigation?

It is used in the courts of law relating to the use of scientific technology and proven methodology in the investigation and establishment of facts.

Who perform Forensic Investigation?

Certified Forensic Experts who know how to secure and document evidence with full audit trail suitable for court submission and perform data recovery under all situations.

How is Computer Forensic Different From Data Recovery

In data recovery, you only recover the lost data. However, in Computer Forensics Investigation, you have to ensure that the acquired media is reliable and admissable in court of law, and the evidence obtained is complete, reproducible and relevant. Chain of custody has to be set up correctly and to ensure that the evidenc is never altered or damaged during the analysis and extraction.

Please be awared that if you intend to perform computer forensic investigation, do not even power on the system or attempt to browse for files because this will damage sensitive time stamps and damage evidence critical for case building.

Please contact ADRC if you need to start a case.