Highlight of some common failure modes of Seagate 2.5' laptop or notebook hard disk drives.

Common Seagate hard disk failures

Thus far, there are three common failures. Such failures are not exclusive to Seagate. However, the failures are more prevalent than any other failures.

  • The drive may emit ticking sound and is not recognised by notebook system BIOS. This is typical of read write head crash.
  • Some time the disk may appear to be not rotating due to failure of IO processor chip on board or damage to internal pre-amplifier chip. Attempt to swap PCB board normally will not work especially for modern disks.
  • Commonly the disk may appear to slow down with "system hang", until to a point whereby the windows will break down with "blue screen of death" or "un-mountable device". This is due to development of bad sectors as the platters deteriorate. Main cause is prolonged use or incorrect shutting down of notebook system.

Complete recovery of all data is normally possible. If the failure is due to development of bad sectors, recovery must be performed before the conditions deteriorate with time and fruitless user's attempt.

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