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Common Hard Disk Logical Failure
  • Inadvertent Deletion
  • Wrongly Format of disk
  • Attack by Virus and malicious-ware
  • File System Corruption
  • Use of Recovery CD resulting in partial overwriting
  • Windows operating system failed to boot
  • Corrupted Microsoft office files, database or mail folders
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Why engage ADRC as your service provider?

Because you need a RELIABLE vendor.

How to Submit Your Media for Evaluation

About ADRC

Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC) is the first data recovery center established in Singapore since 1998 with class 100 clean lab facilities to recover data from damaged media such as crashed hard disks. ADRC currently is the largest provider of data recovery services in Singapore and Asia.

Together with the full-fledge service lab in Malaysia, ADRC is also servicing customers from other countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Philippines, Hong Kong and Japan.

Why Choose ADRC?

Currently, ADRC Singapore is the only service provider that is capable of providing the data recovery jobs without the need to send the media overseas. Equipped with the latest technology and clean lab in Singapore and Malaysia, ADRC could complete the recovery jobs promptly within 12 to 24 hours. With ADRC's "No required data recovered, no charge" policy to guarantee customer satisfaction, ADRC is setting the standard of quality customer service, as evidenced from the long list of "un-edited" and genuine customers testimonials.

ADRC has been audited and approved to serve customers from major banks, government ministries, financial institutions and privileged commercial entities where the handling of data needs extreme care and sensitivity. To address the issue of data confidentiality, our lab adopts the strictest work processes to ensure zero data leak.

Besides recovering the lost data, what happen if you need to investigate who has deleted the data or even has taken a copy before deleting or destroing the data ? In this case, you may need to call for a thorough computer forensics investigation.



Hard Disk Media Failure

Hard disk crashes for laptop or desktop due to: