Data Rcovery for Novell

Data Recovery For Novell OS

Novell originated as a robust file server operating system for data file sharing. It used to be the dominating OS used in data server market.

Nowadays, there are still remaining pockets of users who may still run Novell OS with version running from Netware 2.x to Netware 6.x on Novell Netware on Traditional File System (NWFS), net386 and Novel Storage System (NSS).

Besides hard disk failure, the followings are some of the failures failure commonly encountered :
  • Missing or corrupted un-mountable Novell volume
  • Failure of VRepair volume repair
  • Deletion of volume tables, Hot Fix Tables and key system info
  • Lost of data in sub-allocated Novell volume
  • Partition table corruption
  • SYS volume boot up failure


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