Highlight of some common failure modes of Toshiba 2.5' laptop or notebook hard disk drives.

Common Toshiba hard disk failures

Toshiba 2.5" hard disks normally failed by one of the three modes, and often could be a combination of them. These failures are not exclusive to Toshiba. However, the failures are more prevalent than any other failures.

  • Clicking or scratching sound emits from the disk which is no longer detectable by notebook system BIOS.
  • There is slowdown or degradation of performance before the hard disk fails completely and suddenly. Some time a whirring sound may be heard. This is normally caused by motor seizure and recovery of such disk is rather complex for multiple platter faces.
  • Another common failure is degradation of performance with "CRC" read or write errors in windows, eventually leads to complete system halt.

Successful recovery of data frequently hinges on early treatment of disk before the platter deteriorate significantly.

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