Highlight of some common failure modes of IBM/HITACHI 2.5" laptop or notebook hard disk drives.

Common Hitachi/IBM hard disk failures

Hitachi hard disks are essentially IBM hard disk, having bought over IBM's hard disk manufacturing division in 2002. The Hitach/IBM hard disk such as Travelstar may suffer a number of common failures.

  • Clicking or ticking sound may emit from the drive which is then undetected by notebook system BIOS. It is extremely important to power off the drive and stop all work to avoid further damage.
  • Some times the drive may fail after showing signs of slow down and suddenly crashes into the infamous "blue screen of death" and error messages such as "un-mountable" volume.
  • The earlier Hitachi dk23ba drive may fail during boot up by showing the error message "Primary Boot Hard disk has failed" even the notebook system BIOS detects the disk, typical of damage in firmware zone on disk.

Full data recovery, though more complex in some situation, is still possible if the user shut down the system immediately after disk failure with minimum damage.

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