Highlight of some common failure modes of SEAGATE 3.5' desktop hard disk drives

Common Seagate hard disk failures

Seagate is a popular brand amongst users, often associated with reliability. However, like all other disks, they still fail due to problem with read write head, platter damage and freeze motor.

During some failures, the drive may emit a lot of noise. Strange clicking noise may emit as a result of crashing head. This may cause further damage to platter if conventional recovery is attempted.

The more modern and high capacity Seagate disk may develop motor seizure, resulting in "musical tones" emitted from the disk. Recovery of such failure is still possible though the job process is rather involved.

One other common failure mode is the disk may spin up and down and does not appear to go into ready state. In other instances, connect the disk to the desktop may trigger power short-circuit

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