RAID 1+ 0 (RAID 10) Implementation

RAID Implementation Types

RAID 1+0

In RAID 1+0, or RAID 10, the drives in the array is mirrored first (RAID 1) and then striped (RAID 0). This provides a better fault tolerance than RAID (0+1). At least 4 drives is needed.

  1. Data is first transmitted to RAID controller
  2. Then, the data is written to "array 1" and is then mirrored to "array 2"
  3. Then, "array 1" and "array 2" is striped onto "array 3" and "array 4"

RAID 10 can survive multiple drive failure, as long as the drive failure is in different sets.

The disadvantage here is storage capacity is halved, due to mirroring.