Data Recovery DIY

DIY Data Recovery Rescue Guide

You are halfway working on your computer and your hard disk fails abruptly. Or you might have deleted an important file by accident. Perhaps you have even emptied the recycle bin.

Oops! Now you are wondering what to do next. Should you send your disk for a service repair immediately? This article will now discuss some of the causes of a failed disk and suggest various alternatives to recover your data.


Troubleshooting For Not So Serious Problems

Firstly, decide the kind of problems (either logical or physical) you are facing. To quickly determine this, you could also go through our summarized steps to determine the failure types of hard disk.

Before you engage in any self-recovery jobs, see if you have done the following:

  • Check to see if there are any strange sounds coming from the disk
  • Did the performance of the system degrade?
  • Encountered any problems while opening files, folders or saving?

This is simply to make sure that the failure is logical in nature, and not physical. If you encounter any data loss arising from physical data loss, please send it to a professional data recovery specialist and attempt no further.

We offer some solution if you have a not so complicated logical failure. :


How to differentiate between physical or logical failure of data media?