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Hard Disks

What is a Hard Disk?

Once known as the Winchester drive, the hard disk or hard drive is an essential hardware that every computer desktop and server contain. And its functionality, is to store vast amount of digital data in a non-volatile form, so that data can be retained when the computer is powered off. Data is again accessed when the power is on.

How hard disks work


Hard Disk Applications

Hard disks is a growing storage medium, used in desktop computers, laptop computers, video recorders, game consoles, portable players and much more.

Based on the principles of magnetism much like cassette tapes and floppy disks, hard drives are not immune to failure. As such, it is important to take care of your hard disk, and use it carefully.


Types of Hard Disks

There are a few different types of hard disk but, other than its physical size, the different type of interfaces of the hard disk is the main difference.

Types of hard disk interfaces

  • Desktop Hard Disk Types: 3.5', IDE and Sata Interfaces
  • Laptop Hard Disk Types:2.5', 1.8', IDE, Sata, SCSI
  • Server Hard Disk types:3.5' Sata, SCSI