Press - ADRC lauches 1st Data Recovery Clinics in the City

ADRC Supports Singapore’s Vision of Becoming A Global Interactive Digital Media Capital

SINGAPORE, January 16, 2008 – To support Singapore’s long term vision of becoming a Global Digital Media Capital, Media Development Authority (MDA) has launched MediAction!, a year-round public outreach initiative to spark a national passion amongst Singaporeans in embracing media for learning, work and play. Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC) Pte Ltd is one of the partners with whom the MDA has worked with as part of this evangelism. In particular, ADRC supported MDA in this initiative through providing insights to the public on data recovery and combating data loss.

ADRC is proud to be a sole data recovery partner to participate in MediAction!’s activities in 2006 and 2007 and spearhead initiatives to inculcate knowledge on “digital falls”, when people lose their digital data. At MDA’s Your Digital Playground @ SITEX 2006, ADRC was also the sole data recovery clinic to participate in the event. In 2007, the company continued this series of public education and taught customers more about data recovery through an online educational quiz and gave away free DIY data recovery software which would enable customers to perform simple data recovery on their own at home.

"The world is witnessing an unprecedented growth in mobile electronic devices and the size of rich media files is leading to ever greater demand pressure on greater mobile data storage. As technologies become increasingly sophisticated and a variety of data storage products starts to fill this need, concerns over data integrity and recovery will eventually become an increasing important issue," says Felix Chang, Managing Director, ADRC Pte Ltd.

Research shows that nearly 25% of computer users lose their data, 41% of the users do not backup data, while 69% of home users & 46% of work users backup data only once a month or less. Through these initiatives, ADRC is able to educate customers that digital data on laptops, cameras, or mobile phones can be recovered when lost.


Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC) Pte Ltd (

Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC) Pte Ltd is the first data recovery centre with its own “class 100” clean lab in Singapore, and has developed proprietary tools for data recovery. Headquartered in Singapore and Malaysia with more than 1 decade of experience, ADRC is now the leading data recovery centre in South East Asia.

ADRC provides full data recovery solutions for all forms of damaged data media as well as computer forensic investigation services. ADRC recovers lost data from crashed hard disks of external USB drives, laptop / Notebook, Desktop, complex RAID Servers, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and more. Compared with the usual 14 to 20 days turnaround time offered by competitors, ADRC is able to offer an unparalleled 2-5 day turnaround time. ADRC is also the first in Singapore to provide the status of customers’ data recovery online, 24 hours a day. ADRC’s excellent service has earned glowing testimonies from MNCs, Government Ministries, Commercial Banks, Financial Institutions, Research Institutes, SMEs and even home users , read more at

ADRC is also the first to offer DataInsure, the first and only data recovery plan in Singapore to protect your most precious assets, your digital data. Akin to an insurance plan, you can now buy "insurance" for your laptops to protect your data from hard disk failure. For DataInsure, you only need to pay a negligible amount of yearly premium and enjoy "free" recovery during the year.


About MediAction!

*MediAction! is a year-round public outreach initiative organised by the Media Development Authority (MDA), with our partners, to inspire Singaporeans to discover the benefits and possibilities that media can offer for work, learning and play.  MediAction! offers all Singaporeans the opportunity to learn more about the media and upgrade their media literacy skills through participation in fun and engaging events. For more information on MediAction!, visit

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