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Free Data Recovery Software for All

Singapore, 1 Aug 2006 -- Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC) Pte Ltd (, a leading specialist of computer data recovery services, now offers free data recovery software for public download.

"In most of the data loss situations, inadvertent file deletions are commonplace events. No doubt the market is flooded with abundant varieties of data recovery tools, however, there is hardly any free and easy software for such purpose. In this aspect, ADRC hopes to provide this freeware which can be used by any one with a few simple mouse-clicks", says Felix Chang, the Director of ADRC, "Now you can easily undelete the data files even after you have cleared the recycle bin on Windows. The software is absolutely free!"

The Data Recovery Tools V1.0 by ADRC supports either fixed or removable drives and file systems (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS) for Windows 95/ 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003 server.

"We have launched the freeware for just a few weeks and the response is extremely encouraging," says Felix Chang, "From the overwhelming response, we are pleased that such software has proved to be useful and effective, the basis of our initial objectives".

With novice users in mind, the software incorporates extremely simple GUI without any installation. The whole program is less than 100 kb and one could stuff it anywhere (such as a floppy disk) and run the recovery program from there. This program is small but jam-packed with rich functions.

Besides recovering deleted files, the software supports disk to disk image back up or disk cloning, export or import a backup disk image so one could back up and restore the system image and data at one go (in case one does not want to reinstall the operating system and application program). This function is especially useful if one needs to clone hard disk drive with unknown file systems such as MAC or UNIX.

It also allows one to copy data from hard disk or removable data media with bad sectors where normal windows copy will not work. When bad sectors are found on the hard disk, the program will intelligently search the neighboring sectors to determine the extent of bad blocks and mathematically calculate the number of retries needed to optimize the speed of copying.

One can even edit, repair or restore your corrupted boot parameters (either FAT or NTFS boot sector type) to recover your data.

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About Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC) Pte Ltd

Adroit Data Recovery Centre Pte Ltd ( is the home-grown data recovery specialist in Asia. ADRC is the first company in Singapore to offer data recovery services since 1998. With the first Class 100 clean laboratory facilities in Singapore and Malaysia, ADRC provides data recovery services with one of the shortest turnaround times, from 3-5 days, vs 14-20 days (commonly offered by competitors) It is also the first to offer online tracking of its data recovery job status, so that customers in anywhere in the world such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and Taiwan, can track the status of their jobs.