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DataInsure - First data recovery plan with money-back guarantee in Singapore

Singapore, 5 Jun 2006 -- ADRC brings you DataInsure – the first and only data recovery plan with money back guarantee in Singapore, to protect your most precious asset – your information. Akin to an insurance plan, this will be the first time consumers can buy “insurance” for data on their laptop.

Since the mid 1990s, mobile computing has been on a continuous climb. With the advent of the Internet, the free flow of information via email and Virtual Private Networking has resulted in significant growth in laptop usage. More and more laptops which are being used on a daily basis contains vital company information and personal data.

With the fragility of laptop computer systems, users are often more susceptible to hardware failures. From hard disk physical (hardware) to logical (software) failures, many find that owning a laptop can have its drawbacks. Research shows that nearly 25% of computer users lose their data, 41% of the users do not backup data, while 69% of home users & 46% of work users backup data only once a month or less (Source: Bruskin Research for Iomega).

With DataInsure, users can now rest their mind at peace. It is the first data recovery plan with money-back guarantee that can protect your data at minimal cost. At just 52 cents/day, users can assure 24/7 protection for their most precious asset. This means that at any point when the laptop’s hard disk fails and users suffer data loss, ADRC can recover the data from the damaged drive within 3-5 days, failing which they offer FULL REFUND.

The launch of DataInsure is excellent news for many companies as research shows that most businesses suffer huge losses when they cannot access their data (from $14,500 to $6.45 million per hour, depending on industry :Source: Contingency Planning Research) and an average company spends between $100K & $1m in total ramifications per year for hardware/software failure. DataInsure provides a low cost solution to this critical corporate problem that is commonplace today.

ADRC is able to offer DataInsure at such low cost with much shortened turnaround time as it owns the first “class 100” clean lab in Singapore, and have developed proprietary tools for recovery. The company is able to offer a 3-5 day turnaround time, vs competitors who commonly offer 14 to even 20 days. Having its own lab in Singapore also give customers peace of mind that their most confidential data will not be traveling to labs in other countries and thus suffer the fate of being lost or leaked out. ADRC is also the first data recovery centre in Singapore to provide the status of customers’ data recovery online, 24 hours a day.

Data recovery is a highly skilled discipline that takes years of practice to establish credentials, made possible by constant research and development, and proficiency with working on storage technology as it is developed. With ADRC’s experienced team and strong hardware, they have full knowledge of recovering data from damaged hard drive. Its prestigious list of testimonials include key executives from MNCs such as ExxonMobil and Frost & Sullivan,and it has successfully served them due to their emphasis on innovation, experience and perseverance to constantly upgrade their knowledge of data recovery and keep up with the fast changing technology and to provide our customers the best services.

When it comes to data recovery, there is only one chance to achieve a successful recovery, which might be lost forever if the data recovery service is not performed by experienced recovery specialists with unique hardware replacement techniques in a world class clean lab.

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About Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC) Pte Ltd

Adroit Data Recovery Centre Pte Ltd ( is the home-grown data recovery specialist in Asia. ADRC is the first company in Singapore to offer data recovery services since 1998. With clean lab facilities in Singapore and Malaysia, ADRC provides data recovery services to surrounding countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and Taiwan.

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