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Adroit Data Recovery Centre - 1st data recovery centre in Singapore to offer 0% interest 12 month instalment plan for all data recovery services

ADRC is proud to partner with UOB to be the 1st data recovery centre in Singapore to offer a 12 months interest-free instalment plan for its data recovery services. With this collaboration, protecting and insuring precious data has become even more convenient and affordable for consumers, who will be able to pay for any data recovery services over 12 months with a 0% Interest Payment Plan.

The era of digitization

More people are turning to digital devices to fulfil their data storage needs with the introduction of netbooks, smartphones, iPads and the like. In this era of digitization, many of these devices have been entrusted with important data in digital formats; contacts, notes and memos, memorable text messages, schedules, photos, songs, videos, emails, documents are but just some.
The large amount of data placed in these gadgets renders the user vulnerable to the risk of losing one’s data. Given that users often consolidate valuable data on one single system such as on their iPhone or laptop, the loss of data on that one single device is even more destructive.

Increase in data recovery requests

According to a study conducted earlier this year in the US, data recovery requests have increased seven fold since 2005 as people store more of their data in digital format nowadays. Gone were the days of playing CDs on the stereo and printing photographs from a roll of film. Instead, almost everything is passed around in soft copy. 87% of customers required data recovery services as the result of human error, such as deleting a document by accident.

It is no wonder that data recovery services have become more relevant for the consumer. Such services are sought after not just by businesses or organisations that deal with large amounts or sensitive information, but also by the everyday consumer.

0% Interest Payment Plan with UOB

To make data recovery even more convenient and accessible, ADRC has collaborated with UOB as a participating merchant to offer a 0% interest instalment plan. This means that customers can enjoy data recovery services from ADRC and pay for their ADRC data recovery service fee in six instalments interest-free. This works especially well for customers who are not comfortable with paying the entire service fee upfront in the event of data loss.

Data recovery services by ADRC

Along with this increase in demand for data recovery services is the improvement in data recovery services offered by ADRC. To keep with ever-changing technology trends, ADRC constantly upgrades their data recovery technical skills so as to continuously provide customers with their expertise and experience.

Customers have the privilege of retrieving their data easily and quickly as ADRC boasts the industry’s highest data recovery success rate with recovery rate exceeding 90% while also delivering the fastest turnaround in the market. Customers can expect recovery of data within 3 to 5 working days instead of the market standards of up to 10 working days. Backed by ADRC’s expertise and experience, users can now rest easy and be assured of the highest quality of professional data recovery.

ADRC is able to offer data recovery services at such low cost with much shortened turnaround time as it owns the first “class 100” clean lab in Singapore, and have developed proprietary tools for recovery. Having its own lab in Singapore also give customers peace of mind that their most confidential data will not be travelling to labs in other countries and thus suffer the fate of being lost or leaked out. For added convenience, ADRC customers will also be able to use ADRC’s 24-hour live online tracking system to check the status of the job at any time. Every job sent is electronically tracked and at every stage of the work, the progress status will be updated into the database.

ADRC offers a wide range of data recovery services including data recovery from laptops and netbooks, iPhones, storage media, RAID servers and more.


About Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC) Pte Ltd

Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC) Pte Ltd is South East Asia’s leading data recovery centre equipped with the first Class 100 clean laboratory in Singapore to recover data from damaged media such as crashed hard disks. It has an un-paralleled capability and the setup to acquire and collect the digital evidence from all kinds of working or damaged media while observing the strictest process of computer forensic investigation.

ADRC’s team of qualified forensic experts is also equipped with the technical expertise of networking, system security and cryptography in order to perform a complete investigation. Moreover, ADRC is able to provide court-ready reporting of digital evidence for civil and criminal litigation through the installation of rigorous forensic methodologies in order to identify, acquire, preserve, analyse and document digital data (electronically stored information) for use as evidence in court or other legal or administrative proceedings.

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