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ADRC to partner with ACE insurance for data recovery plan

Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC) has partnered with ACE Insurance to launch the ACE Custodian™ - the first ever commercial insurance plan with a comprehensive data recovery coverage that protects against all aspects of data loss from your notebook, desktop, portable drive, thumb drive and even flash memory card arising from logical or physical failure*.

ACE Custodian™ customers have the privilege of retrieving their data easily and quickly in the unfortunate event of a data loss by simply dropping off their damaged media at ADRC. ADRC boasts the industry’s highest data recovery success rate while also delivering the fastest turnaround in the market. Customers can expect recovery of data within 32to 5 working days instead of the market average of up to 10 working days.

For added convenience, ACE Custodian™ customers will also be able to use ADRC’s 24-hour live online tracking system to check the status of the job at any time. Every job sent is electronically tracked and at every stage of the work, the progress status will be updated into the database.

“With ADRC's proven track record, ACE Custodian™ customers are now able to recover their lost data promptly with complete data confidentiality and reliability of service.” says Mack Eng, Managing Director of ACE Insurance.

“ACE Insurance’s collaboration with ADRC reaffirms the strong recognition in ADRC’s world class data recovery process as well as our data confidentiality and security mechanisms,” says Felix Chang, Managing Director, ADRC Pte Ltd.

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*Logical failure is the loss of data arising from computer virus, file system corruption, accidental deletion of files, mild bad sectors, etc. Physical failure is the loss of data arising from mechanical damage, electrical failure, severe bad sectors, firmware damage, head crash due to accidental drops, vibration or impact.


About Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC) Pte Ltd

Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC) Pte Ltd is South East Asia’s leading data recovery centre equipped with the first Class 100 clean laboratory in Singapore. It has an un-paralleled capability and the setup to acquire and collect the digital evidence from all kinds of working or damaged media while observing the strictest process of computer forensic investigation.

ADRC’s team of qualified forensic experts is also equipped with the technical expertise of networking, system security and cryptography in order to perform a complete investigation. Moreover, ADRC is able to provide court-ready reporting of digital evidence for civil and criminal litigation through the installation of rigorous forensic methodologies in order to identify, acquire, preserve, analyse and document digital data (electronically stored information) for use as evidence in court or other legal or administrative proceedings.


About ACE Insurance

ACE Insurance Limited Singapore has, through acquired companies, been serving clients with diverse and special requirements in the general insurance and reinsurance industry in Singapore since 1948. Following the acquisition of CIGNA Insurance Singapore Limited in 1999, ACE Insurance has grown from strength to strength.
ACE Insurance has carved a niche for itself in Singapore, as one of the leading direct marketing providers of Accident & Health insurance. It also has the technical expertise in risk management and engineering capabilities for all major classes of insurance.

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