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Awards / Testimonials

Our free data recovery utilities has been recognised by many to be useful, spyware free, user friendly and portable. Try it!




Well guys really nice job with that simple software. Best of the data recovery software I have seem.
If you need a really QUICK solution give a try to it.
David Valentim Dias, Brazil

the tools really benefit my work...thx
Komo, Malaysia

This software works. I thought I have lost data and almost lost hope. Thanks to ADRC. It bring back smile to my face.
Richard Foxx, Malaysia

Hello ADRC,

I used your ADRC Data Recovery Tools v.1.1 to make an Image of a Disk that had bad sectors.

Other BackUp-programs would not make an Image anymore for they seem to use a check and stop when they meet the bad sector.

Your ADRC Data Recovery Tools v.1.1 just took the whole disk!

Thank you, and I will certainly tell my friends!
Ms Jos Hansson-Veldhuizen, Netherlands

I hit the delete all instead of single on my digital camera's delete menu.
I thought the photos of our four-year-old son enjoying his Christmas were gone.

I just used your ADRC Data Recovery Tools 1.1 freeware to undelete all of our Christmas 2008 photos from the camera's memory card. It was a very simple procedure. Your product does just exactly what it claims: ADCR Recovery Tools undelete files and restore deleted photos.

This product saved our family's Christmas 2008 memories for free. At this point, I would be willing to put my confidence in any product that you offer.

To anyone looking for advice on restoring inadvertantly deleted files or
photos: DO NOT FORMAT, ERASE, ADD TO, OR DELETE FROM THE MEMORY DRIVE HOLDING THE DELETED FILES. Leave it alone, download the ADRC Recovery Tools, and let this program do the rest.

No other software that I desperately downloaded on Christmas day could even recognize the presence of the deleted files.

Data Recovery Tools works on file restoration like a Jack Russell Terrier works on a cat: Quickly and Seriously. No Bullshit.

Gordon Hartley, United States

My wife is a professional photographer and accidently deleted over 4 years of professional and family photos off our back up drive. They were her only copies, and the software recovered all of them. Thank you very much, she has been utterly distraught. We will gladly endorse your product to anyone!!!

Patrick, United States
Company: Mad Rhythm
Designation: Audio & Visual Media


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