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What is Class 100 clean room? Why is it needed in the data recovery process?

Basically, while performing the data recovery process for physically damaged hard disk, one will need to access the internal hard disk platters which must be free from dust contamination. Class 100 clean room is the necessary and sufficient environment just to do that. This is also the same environment that the manufacturers deployed to assemble the hard disks.

There is a general misconception that “Class 100 clean room” is equal to “professional data recovery services”, some new startups are even boasting about “cleaner class of clean room”. Unfortunately, this does not equal to better recovery services and it only shows lack of proper understanding of data recovery. You may want to read more on why and what kind of clean room is needed for data recovery.

Also, please note that if your hard disk is not suffering from internal physical damage, you do not need Class 100 clean room.

Therefore one should never place too much emphasis on Class 100 clean room alone. This is just the sufficient and necessary clean environment for the recovery engineer to open up the physically crashed disk to perform data recovery. This is just one of most basic requirements out of so many, such as the sound knowledge of hard disk structural parts and utility firmware code, accumulated service experience for different disk technology, availability of necessary parts, understanding of file systems and data structure, proprietary equipment and software etc.

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What is Class 100 clean room? Why is it needed in the data recovery process?

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