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Evaluation / Data Recovery Procedures

My recovered data is only X GB, why can’t you put it in a DVD for me instead?

It could be due to the file structure of the data recovered. For example, if the recovered data has many layers of directories / folders with long or strange characters/fonts, a single file size exceeding 2 GB etc., burning of DVD may fail.

In some cases, when the distribution of data is large and complex, the data will have to be manually fitted into many CD/DVD, such allocation of data may erroneously result in data omission.

To ensure integrity of the recovered data, we advise customers to bring a USB drive or bare hard disk to do the data transfer.

What is the time needed for evaluation?

What kind of recovery methods / process did you use in recovering my data?

Why isn’t there a file list given on what are the files you can recover for the evaluation stage?

Why do you charge a cancellation fee for the evaluation?

How do we deliver the corrupted media to you?

How long will you take to recover my data?

I could not wait and need data ASAP!

If my data is encrypted, are you able to recover it? Are you able to de-crypt my data?

The evaluation takes 1-3 working days. Why is it so slow?

Can you recover all my data? I mean my required data.

My recovered data is only X GB, why can’t you put it in a DVD for me instead?

Will you recover my program files other than my documents, email and pictures?