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Evaluation / Data Recovery Procedures

How long will you take to recover my data?

The period of recovery will take into consideration several factors:

  • Types of media, whether it is a removable media or hard disk. In the case of hard disk failure, it depends on brands and models which will be related to the hard disk capacity, form factor, connection types and related technology.

  • Causes of failure types, if it is logical or physical, and in that case, the extent of damage and the failure modes

  • Types of file system used. For instance, UNIX file system is generally more difficult to recover than Windows file systems

  • Types and amount of data required

  • Any prior attempts with add-on complication

  • When express service is used, the time taken will be within 1 to 2 days. Typical turn around time by ADRC averages about 2 to 3 days. In some special cases with more complex issues, longer time may be needed though it is rather uncommon.

What is the time needed for evaluation?

What kind of recovery methods / process did you use in recovering my data?

Why isn’t there a file list given on what are the files you can recover for the evaluation stage?

Why do you charge a cancellation fee for the evaluation?

How do we deliver the corrupted media to you?

How long will you take to recover my data?

I could not wait and need data ASAP!

If my data is encrypted, are you able to recover it? Are you able to de-crypt my data?

The evaluation takes 1-3 working days. Why is it so slow?

Can you recover all my data? I mean my required data.

My recovered data is only X GB, why can’t you put it in a DVD for me instead?

Will you recover my program files other than my documents, email and pictures?