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Evaluation / Data Recovery Procedures

What kind of recovery methods / process did you use in recovering my data?

Firstly, you need to follow the recovery submission procedure outlined in order to send in your hard disk to us for evaluation.

Upon receiving the media, ADRC will perform an evaluation to access the actual work and resources needed to recover the data. This is followed by a firmed quotation to the customers. Once the quotation is accepted, recovery process will begin.

The initial work done will be to determine if the data media is still accessible using specialised lab equipment.

If the media is still accessible, a raw image will be captured using non-destructive read process and an extensive logical analysis will be carried out to determine the amount of data which can be recovered. This process involves restructuring of data by studying low-level bits of data sector and applying fixes to cryptic file system structure so that the logical data could be accessible.

For hard drives with physical damage, the faulty components will be isolated before some costs estimates could be determined.

To recover data from crash hard drives, a Class 100 clean lab environment to replace the damaged components is required. This also includes the use of specialised and proprietary hardware and software tools. Faulty components could be the read/write head, motors or electronics.

In some situations, both physical and logical fix may be required. Using sophisticated techniques and proprietary equipment / software tools, the low level data hexadecimal codes on the disks will be extracted, examined and repaired before data could be accessible.

This is especially so in view of the wide ranges of hard disk brands and models. The problem could be further compounded by user EFS encryption , hard disk password lock etc.

After getting the user’s approval to go ahead with the recovery, we will prepare the drive in a “ready-state” and perform the necessary recovery. The data is filtered and quality check is done before a file list is presented to the user for review. Take a look of an overview of our data recovery process.

What is the time needed for evaluation?

What kind of recovery methods / process did you use in recovering my data?

Why isn’t there a file list given on what are the files you can recover for the evaluation stage?

Why do you charge a cancellation fee for the evaluation?

How do we deliver the corrupted media to you?

How long will you take to recover my data?

I could not wait and need data ASAP!

If my data is encrypted, are you able to recover it? Are you able to de-crypt my data?

The evaluation takes 1-3 working days. Why is it so slow?

Can you recover all my data? I mean my required data.

My recovered data is only X GB, why can’t you put it in a DVD for me instead?

Will you recover my program files other than my documents, email and pictures?