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Here are some customers who are happy with the job we have done and have allowed us to publish their testimonials publicly. We offer many thanks in return for their support.

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many thanks. everyone is happy. mike murphy

Mike Murphy
Aes Group Ltd
2010 Oct 19


Well Done ADRC. May has offered us very dedicated and warm service. Thumbs up

Joan Chua
Singapore MRT Ltd IT DepartmentAdmin Bldg
2010 Sep 20


I would like to comment Yimei and her team for their fantastic follow up and directions. Kudos to Yimei and her team.

Lilian Tan-Teo
claims manager
Mova Automotive Pte Ltd
2010 Sep 20


Excellent tracking and communication procedure on the data processing segment within lab.

Tan Chuan Leong
Home User

2010 Aug 31


Thank you for retrieving irreplaceable photos on my memory card. We had a lovely holiday with our extended family in Spain only to realise that of our 1000+ photos, only 13 remained. I was so impressed with the speed of your service and the charges were far below what I expected.

Lisa Lee Katrina
Home User

2010 Aug 27


I would like to thank everyone at ADRC who had helped to recover back our data. If not for the hard work, we wouldn't have the chance to retrieve back our data in time.

Joyce Cheok
HR/ Admin Assistant
Sumitomo Chemical Engineering Co.,Ltd.
2010 Aug 25


Compliments to the all staff of ADRC especially to Jeremy and Mei Ling for their professionalism in handling my dire situation. I'd like to commend on their pro-activeness in rendering suggestions and also for being very informative, pleasant and friendly. Thanks for the external hard drive with compliments from ADRC which was really unexpected. Overall, satisfied customer and job well done!

2010 Aug 19


Excellent and professional Job.

Sankararaman Subramanian
Home User

2010 Aug 18


The photos recovered was very important to me. Thanks for the great job done. To add, the willingness from ADRC to provide an image of my corrupted iphone was an act that went beyond the call of duty. Big cheers!!!

Mick Teo Hwee Siong
Home User

2010 Jul 28


I'm impressed with Felix Chang's attention to my needs over the problem on the less than 10% of my data recovered. I provided further more information so maybe he can retrieve more data from my HDD. I actually had doubt on where my data are being stored. I asked if he could help me to extend his search. He readily agreed to it immediately! I think if it is other companies or other people. They would charge me for additional job required. It only took him about 3 working days and I received an email to verify if these are all my files.I'm was delighted to see all my files all in the same exact location. Thanks to him I never know what I should do. Also thanks to him, he went through an extra mile to help me solve my bookmark issues even though I had made my payment. Giving me understanding reason why I should not backup my bookmark in JSON(firefox) extension. It is understandable that the bookmark is lost in transit but I appreciated what he tried to help me over the bookmark. Overall percentage data recovered = 99.8% and 00.2% for the bookmark corruption.

Teh Keng Siang Ken
Home User

2010 Jul 23