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Here are some customers who are happy with the job we have done and have allowed us to publish their testimonials publicly. We offer many thanks in return for their support.

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Very friendly customer service. Very professional toward handling enquiries.

Addrick Poh
Management Executive
Audio House Marketing Pte Ltd
2008 Dec 22


keep up the good work

James Kam
Abramtle international Pte Ltd
2008 Dec 15


perfect job, recovered all data

Marco Maggio
Home User

2008 Nov 20


All data have been recovered, as I was worried about the data being lost as the most of the data are pictures which meant to keep as memory. Good job!

Home User

2008 Nov 13


ADRC is awesome. I keep my finger's crossed that I will never need to engage their services again. But at least I sleep better at night knowing that if I do need to rescue my data, ADRC is there for me.

Boey Yao Hua
Exxelnet Solutions Pte Ltd
2008 Nov 06


So far so good.

Oscar Zhu
IT Executive
Meiden Singapore Pte Ltd
2008 Nov 05


Despite the fact that the condition of the hard disk which I submitted to ADRC was in a bad condition, ADRC was able to recover all the data. Also, the advice provided by ADRC on how to handle failed hard disk makes a lot of sense. This shows the excellent capabilities of ADRC in data recovery.

Chew Mun Hou
Vice President
Ascendas Land (S) Pte Ltd
2008 Oct 31


The service provided was fast and arrangements were made professionally

Zaleha Ali
Planning Manger
2008 Oct 31


Very understanding, in that you allowed me to come down to look through the recovered data before deciding whether to go through with the recovery or not. Recovery was prompt.

Amogh Nallan Chakravarti
Home User

2008 Oct 28


Overall recovery process fast and efficient.

Jasmine Lim \ Terrence
Home User

2008 Oct 15