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How to export iPhone contacts to text file

  • Open your iTunes ensuring that your iPhone is already connected to your computer.
  • Under devices on the left navigation, select your iPhone
  • Click on Info
  • Check “Sync contacts with” and select “Windows Address Book”

  • Click Apply to confirm the changes
  • Click on Start > Run and key in “wab” to access the Windows Address Book. Click OK to start the application.
  • In your Address Book, all the contacts from your iPhone are added. To export the contacts in text file or csv, go to File > Export > Other Address Book...
  • Select from list “Text File” and click Export.
  • Click on ‘Browse’ to select the location you want to save the file and also key in a filename for the file.
  • Select the fields that you want it to be imported and click ‘Finish’. The file will be saved as a .csv extension. The file can be opened in excel spreadsheet or notepad.