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Tips to be a more productive iPhone user

Scroll to the top with 1 tap

If the page you are browsing was very long which makes scrolling to the top somehow tedious, here’s a new shortcut to browse to the top – tapping the status bar at the top screen. No matter which application you are in Facebook or Safari, this is definitely a must remember tip!



Display character count in text messages

Sometimes you may be too engrossed in typing your text messages that you may exceed sending more than 1 text message to your friends. Here’s how you can check the number of characters you’ve typed in.

  • On Home screen, tap Settings > Messages > Turn “On” character count
    (Note that the character count will only be displayed after typing more than 2 lines.)


Take screenshot of your iPhone

Press and hold the Home button followed by the Sleep/Wake button. Your screen flashes to indicate the shot has been taken and you can see it saved in your camera roll.


Finding your iPhone laggy?

Sometimes when you may have opened too many applications, you somehow realize that your iPhone is getting abit slower than usual. No fret, clearing all the cache / memory of all your previously used applications will speed up your iPhone.

To do that:

  • Double click the “Home” button to bring up the multi-tasking interface.
  • Tap and hold on one of the Apps icon until the icon wiggles and a minus sign appears.
  • Tap on the minus sign to close the app. Do the same to all the apps shown in the multi-taking interface and you’re done!


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