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DIY Troubleshooting Tips for Apple iPhone

If you realize that your iPhone is behaving oddly or suddenly shuts down or even an application you are running hangs, it could be due to some glitches which you can solve it with some simple steps.


Restart your iPhone software system (Most common solution)

  1. To restart, press and hold the Sleep/Wake Button under you see the “Slide to Power Off” screen.
  2. Drag the slider to initiate the shut down.
  3. To turn on, press and hold the Sleep/Wake Button


Reboot the iPhone hardware system

  1. To restart, press and hold the Sleep/Wake Button and the Home button.
  2. Keep it pressed for about 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo appear which indicates a successful restart.


Recharge your iPhone battery

Sometimes it might be possible that the battery is completely flat which explains why you can’t turn on your iPhone regardless of the above step. Recharge your iPhone for a certain period to see if the battery logo appears.


Apps hanging your iPhone

  1. If one of the applications decides to hang on you, you can exit the app by pressing and holding the Home button for about 6 seconds. If it is successful, you will return to the Home Screen.
  2. If it doesn’t work, you may want to try Rebooting the iPhone Hardware System.


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